Flex 3 version coming

May 03, 2008

We are working on the Flex 3 version of FillColors. We had run into some troubles due to changes in the styling behaviour of Flex 3 during the beta releases, but we think we will be able to migrate to Flex 3 easily now that it has been officially released. We will also change the application code to the latest release of Mate (Flex framework). Stay tuned!

We have a winner for our first contest

September 30, 2007

Congratulations to Joshua Rodgers for his excellent skin! Carbon was the only entry that we received but we are very happy because it's about quality and Josh did a great job.

We'd also like to announce that we have another contest. So, if you didn't have the time for the first, now you have until November 16th to submit your design. We will be adding more information later.


August 08, 2007

Welcome to Fill Colors! First, some quick background on why we started this site. We have been passionate users and fans of Adobe Flex from its beginning and we enjoy finding new and better ways to do things. Our blog,, is one of the ways we like to discuss and engage the developer community about the technologies we’re using.

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