September 27, 2007

Carbon is a theme that was inspired by, you guessed it Carbon Fiber. A light weight material used in racing motorcycles, cars, etc... It is also used in the aerospace industry, again because of its superior light weight, flexibility and strength. Are you seeing the analogy yet as it pertains to Flex? I sure hope so!

I created Carbon for one reason, like the folks at AsFusion, I too have thought about how generic the default Halo theme can be. I definitely don't want all my Flex applications looking alike and frankly neither do my customers.

Special thanks to Kyle Hayes for creating the carbon background that I used as the main background skin of the application. I also learned a ton from the Rainbow skin within Fill Colors.

So thank you AsFusion for putting this together, I had some fun and most importantly I learned a couple things from you guys once again! Feel free to improve upon it.


August 15, 2007

A style inspired by Mac OSX operating system.


August 13, 2007

Rainbow is a colorful and playful style. It is the first style ever created for Fill Colors and it intends to be a sample style designers can use to get ideas on what can be changed in the default Fill Colors application.

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