Everybody is invited to participate. It is a great opportunity for you to learn how to skin a Flex application and see how other people do it.

The basics

You are given a Flex application that you cannot modify. Your task is to apply a design of your own by creating style sheets and programmatic skins completely separated from the application itself. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go and whether you would like people to be able to see your source code.

You need to download the application and create the style sheets for it. When you are done, you can submit your work via the form in the live application. Your style must be compiled into a swf file. You can also submit the source code if you wish to make it available to other people. The form will also ask you for basic personal information and for two thumbnails that will be used in the gallery (thumbnail sizes: 120x100 and 390x200). We will not show your email address and it will only be used to communicate with you regarding your submission.

To summarize

  1. Download Fill Colors’ shell application
  2. Create your design
  3. Compile the style into a swf file
  4. Test it against the real app
  5. Create 2 thumbnails: 120x100 and 390x200
  6. Upload your files from the Participate form in the Fill Colors application

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