September 27, 2007
AuthorJoshua Rodgers
CountryUnited States
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Carbon is a theme that was inspired by, you guessed it Carbon Fiber. A light weight material used in racing motorcycles, cars, etc... It is also used in the aerospace industry, again because of its superior light weight, flexibility and strength. Are you seeing the analogy yet as it pertains to Flex? I sure hope so!

I created Carbon for one reason, like the folks at AsFusion, I too have thought about how generic the default Halo theme can be. I definitely don't want all my Flex applications looking alike and frankly neither do my customers.

Special thanks to Kyle Hayes for creating the carbon background that I used as the main background skin of the application. I also learned a ton from the Rainbow skin within Fill Colors.

So thank you AsFusion for putting this together, I had some fun and most importantly I learned a couple things from you guys once again! Feel free to improve upon it.


Josh Rodgers

Josh Rodgers wrote on 09/27/07 8:22 PM

Howdy, looks like there is a small issue with the compiled swf. I am working with the fillColor folks to get it fixed. :)
Josh Rodgers

Josh Rodgers wrote on 09/27/07 8:39 PM

Looks like its fixed! Thank you!

Tom wrote on 09/28/07 1:28 PM

Nice skin, Josh! Thanks for being our 1st submitter!

Greg wrote on 11/02/07 10:21 AM

Another CARBON fiber lover - nice job... darn someone got to it before me...

Ken wrote on 06/17/08 2:51 PM

Are these skins supposed to be usable on any flex application? If so, is there instructions on how to install them? I tried <mx:style source="skiname.css"/> and got compile errors.

Laura wrote on 06/17/08 4:44 PM

Some of the skins require you to add the compiled library CSSPlus.swc to your library path.

Ken wrote on 06/20/08 12:22 PM

So that was what the CSSPlus.swc was for. Awesome and beautiful skins btw. I think Flex will rule over all others in RIA. Thanks Laura

MechanisM wrote on 06/29/08 3:09 AM

Where I can get CSSPlus.swc and Mate3.swc ???
hmm..I dunno why, but skins won't work for me..

Laura wrote on 06/30/08 12:08 AM

Both swc files are included in the main download. See the Participate page:

Sam wrote on 01/14/09 12:15 AM

Hey... Gr8 work...Thnx
really refreshing styles...
it helped me a lot to understand the potential of CSS with Flex.

stevie wrote on 02/09/09 9:01 AM

I get the following error when playing with the rainbow-skin:
ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property bitmapData not found on mx.skins.halo.WindowBackground and there is no default value.
   at com.asfusion.skins::BackgroundImage/draw()
   at com.asfusion.skins::Background/draw()
   at com.asfusion.skins::BoxModel/updateDisplayList()
   at mx.skins::ProgrammaticSkin/validateDisplayList()
   at mx.managers::LayoutManager/validateDisplayList()
   at mx.managers::LayoutManager/doPhasedInstantiation()
   at Function/
   at mx.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher2()
   at mx.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher()

I m not using the builder to compile, just:

C:\FLEX\flex_sdk_3\bin\mxmlc -include-libraries=C:\AIRSDK\pslrss\themes\rainbow\CSSPlus.swc,C:\AIRSDK\pslrss\themes\rainbow\Mate3.swc C:\AIRSDK\pslrss\themes\rainbow\Rainbow.css

My Appl. has resizeable titled Windows...

are there any suggestions out there?

c u st.
Laura Arguello

Laura Arguello wrote on 03/17/09 12:31 AM

Make sure you add WindowedApplication as a css rule (you can add it right next to Application in the css (Application, WindowedApplication {} )

stevie wrote on 03/17/09 2:32 PM

Thank you Laura,

it would need some minor adjustments/modifications but with your mentioned hint rainbow works for me (may other skins too).

What about Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Can I use it as a part of a comercial product? My application will have switchable themes/skins
and would be a giveaway for customers and standalone application for selling.

Thanks in advanced

Dentists wrote on 10/07/09 11:14 PM

Wow, looks glorious! Thank you for this :)

Kraloyun wrote on 10/09/09 11:04 AM

Great Carbon Theme. Congs to you

Tameem wrote on 02/26/11 1:05 PM

i am very new in flex. but i just LOVE this Carbon style. but i don't know how to add this style to an MXML document. can anyone help me with this?
i mean, if i create a New Project in Flash Builder, can i add this style in that? how ?
please help me if you can.

thanks in advance.

laosan wrote on 04/13/12 8:33 PM

looks glorious´╝îbut I can not use.please help me if you can.

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