August 08, 2007

Welcome to Fill Colors! First, some quick background on why we started this site. We have been passionate users and fans of Adobe Flex from its beginning and we enjoy finding new and better ways to do things. Our blog, www.asfusion.com, is one of the ways we like to discuss and engage the developer community about the technologies we’re using.

With Fill Colors, we really want to explore and push the possibilities of what is possible with Flex. We’d grown tired of the default Flex style, and wanted to manipulate the look and feel of Flex applications. Whether you’re an expert or a newcomer to Adobe Flex, we hope our site will stimulate your interest and challenge your skills with the fun possibilities of skinning a Flex application. 

We hope you have fun with Fill Colors! We encourage you to participate and contribute the Flex skins you develop so we can showcase them for all to learn from. We have a contest for the best Flex skin running until September 28, 2007, so show us what you’ve got!



g-man wrote on 08/29/07 1:15 PM

2 months testing the waters of FLEX and I have just jumped in, without the water wings! Thank you so much for putting this site up. I can't wait to start seeing some of the creative works for FLEX come in.

Carlos wrote on 01/16/11 8:23 AM

This website is great.
Unfortunately it is not possible to run the sample right way on Flex4.

Will release a Flex4 compliant version.
Thank you very much indeed

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